Sunday, April 28, 2013

Strengths and Weaknesses

     Katniss has many strengths and weaknesses in the games. One of Katniss's weaknesses is that she is rash and doesn't follow orders. Haymitch would be the person who knows this the best. Another weakness is that Katniss doesn't always think things through. She does things without thinking of the pros and cons. One final weakness is family and friends. The capitol tries to use the people Katniss loves against her. These people are Gale, Prim, and her mother.
     Katniss also has many strengths in the arena. One strength we all know of is her talent with a bow and arrow. Katniss can shoot anything, and when she kills something she always gets it in the eye so that the meat is not affected. One other strength is that she knows how to set snares and traps. She might not have the skill and balance of Gale, but she can still set them. One final strength is that Katniss is knowledgeable about plants.She knows which ones are safe and which are not. These things really pay off in the arena. 

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